With a few exceptions Haili Christian School uses the ABeka Book Curriculum for all grade levels.  

ABeka Book's systematic phonics program teaches students to read at an early age.  Students also receive strong character-building reading selections.  Grammar and creative writing give the students consistent daily practice and review.  Spelling, vocabulary, and poetry help students improve their ability to read, write, think, and speak.  Penmanship is taught step by step consistently throughout the program.  

ABeka Math Book's math program uses a traditional, spiral review approach to help students develop thinking skills for daily living.  The science and health program teaches the students about creation and the Creator - refuting man-made ideas of evolution.  The history and geography program is developed from a Christian perspective with patriotic character-building content.

Common Core Alignment

Many Christian school educators and home school parents are inquiring about the sweeping national education standards known as Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  While CCSS have only been written for English Lang Arts and Mathematics, they have quickly been adopted by most state departments of education, and future standardized testing appears to be aligning with them.

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Meanwhile there is much controversy over the imposition of national standards, the loss of local control over education, and undesirable philosophical implications.

Because A Beka Book has historically met or exceeded recommended content standards, it is not surprising that when compared to current CCSS, the A Beka Book language arts and mathematics objectives were found to  already meet almost all Common Core content standards.

However, a few differences were found.  For example, in English Language Arts, ABeka Book fulfills or exceeds many of the standards at an earlier grade level than outlined in CCSS.  Further, in Mathematics, A Beka Book has chosen a different sequence of topical representation because it is more logical in presentation than what Common Core proposes.  

Standards in education are often very useful when they inform content in an effort to ensure that subject matter is age appropriate, sequentially meaningful, and academically rigorous.  Unfortunately, some of Common Core goes beyond content and moves into the realm of teaching methodology.  Since many of these techniques do not align with our traditional Christian approach, we have purposefully chosen not to add them, but rather to leave it up to the school or individual to make decisions for implementation in keeping with their philosophy and principles of teaching and learning.

Proven Success of A Beka Book

The academic integrity of ABeka Book has been validated by the success of hundreds of thousands of students over decades of time.  Historically, students instructed under our curriculum consistently score above national averages on standardized tests and on college entrance tests.  Our skilled researchers and writers do not paraphrase ecudation textbooks; they do primary research in every subject and look at the subject from the traditional Christian point of view.